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Need Water Without The Inpurities

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Australian Designed Water Filtration Systems for Australian Conditions – manufactured from the best components and materials available in the world, our water filter / purification systems are tailor made to suit typical Australian household needs.

For years Australians have used water filter systems that were designed in other countries to suit their water quality and pressure situations not the conditions we experience in Australia.
These older style water filters or water purifiers, whether Bench Top Filters, Undersink Filters, Whole of House Filter Systems or Point of Use Water Filtration Systems in all their forms do work – but generally they are not the best, simplest, longest lasting or most effective water filtration / purification solutions for Australian conditions.

Why Choose us?

AquaGuard – Australian Water Filter Systems ?

AquaGuard – Australian Water Filter Systems have been involved in water filtration, water purification systems, water quality and treatment since 1987 – more than twenty years of practical experience dealing with the issues that you face with your water today.

We supply water filtratrion / purification systems to areas all over Australia, from remote communities in the Kimberleys in Western Australia to the east coast of Australia and now into the South Pacific region.

The Best Water Filtration System for You?

We are committed to ensuring that you have the correct water filter system for your particular situation be it town water, tank water, bore water, groundwater or a combination of these sources.

We constantly research and assess new water filter systems and filtration system components examining the latest technology from all over the world as part of our continuous improvement program.