Caravans & Camping filtration Systems

AquaGuard have a number of Water Filtration Systems that were specifically designed to solve the 3 main problems faced by people travelling in  Caravans or Camping outdoors.
Taste, Bacteria and Hard Water are the most significant issues which affect people in these situations and they are all catered for by using some unique water filtration system designs and the very latest  filtration media technology.

The AquaGuard Inline Caravan and Camping Water Filter is available in 2 distinct configurations.

Caravan Inline Filter

Caravan Inline Filter

The Potable Water Carbon Filter is designed as a Quick Conect Inline Filter System that is easy to connect and deploy. It uses  a unique Carbon to remove the taste, odour and bacteria from potable drinking water supplies.

The Campervan Filter is designed to be deployed in exactly the same manner as the Potable Water Filter but contains a media that was designed to protect the hot water systems, pipework and tapware from the ravages of the hardest mineral laden waters of Southern and Western Australia. It can be laid horizontally but it will work best when it is mounted vertically.

This media is also an NSF approved bacteriacide  that will kill Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Iron Bacteria and provide additional de-chlorination protection.

Universal Fridge /Caravan Filter

Universal Fridge/Caravan Filter

The AquaGuard HGF Travel Filter offers the very latest in bacterial and sediment protection. Based around Hollow Glass Fibre technology this filter will eliminate bacteria and sediment from any ground water not just potable water supply.

The HGF Travel Filter is the most efficient portable water filter system available in the world. It’s filtration efficiency exceeds 0.02 microns – and when the flow dimishes it has a flush function that restores the flow rate back to normal.

The HGF Travel Filter  will provide the ultimate protection from bacteria from the worst groundwater supplies you will find.