AquaGuard Full Flow Ezy Fit Town Water Single System

$195.00 $195.00

Full Flow Ezy Fit Filter System configured especially for Sydney.
Removes Chlorine & Chloramines, taste, odour, bacteria, chemicals etc.

System can be installed as quickly as 10 mins, no extra tap required.
>75,000 Litres of perfectly filtered water @ 9LPM from a filter element.
Brass fittings, Stainless Steel Lines, Cone washer sealed accessories – No thread tape, No sealants required.
So easy to install.
No plastic plumbing, USA made reinforced housing

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Twin Undersink Filter System – 1/4″ brass ports, john Guest fittings. Best quality system on the market.
CF1 or CF4 filter elements, genuinely lead free
$65 Ceramic Disk Faucet – Not the leaded faucet offered everywhere else in online stores

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