Full Flow Ezy Fit Twin Undersink Sydney

$295.00 $295.00

Full Flow Ezy Fit Undersink – Configured especially for Sydney water – To remove Chlorine and Chloramines as well as Bacteria, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Sediment etc.
15mm inlet/outlet ports, brass fittings, stainless steel lines, isolation valve. Can be run straight to a full size 15mm tap, or the cold side of your existing mixer tap.
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System can be installed in as little as 10 mins. No extra tap required.
>75,000 Litres of perfectly filtered water @ 9LPM from a filter element. Brass fittings stainless steel lines, cone washer sealed accessories.
NO Thread tape
NO sealants required
So easy to install.
No plastic plumbimg, USA made reinforced housing

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